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1. Categories of personal information collected

  • 1)

    Kellon collects the following personal information for purposes of contents of questions, response to questions and additional consultation before it proceeds to ask questions.
    Collected information: Name, address, title, contact information, email and contents

  • 2)

    The following information may be automatically generated and collected in the process of application.
    Collected information: service use record (date and time of visit), Visiting IP, content of communication

2. Collection and purpose for using personal information

  • 1)

    The personal information collected are used to deliver the queries (questions, Q&A, suggestions or comments) to Kellon.

  • 2)

    They are also used to verify identity as well as to convey the customer’s questions, requests or queries.

3. Retention and use period for personal information

Kellon does not want any further personal information.
You may request your personal information to be deleted or otherwise they will be retained for the following purposes:

  • 1)

    Retained information: Collected information

  • 2)

    Reason for retention: To prevent confusion in service use and to provide them in police investigations

  • 3)

    Retention period: Until deletion of personal information is requested

Kellon provides the foregoing notice in relation to the collection of personal information, and shall not disclose them to any third parties or other institutions.

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